Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Library Raid

Cover of "Wolfwatching"
Cover of Wolfwatching
A large haul as I'm expecting it to be rather quiet in the next few weeks....

Cathedrals in Britain and Ireland - William Anderson & Clive Hicks

The History of Christianity - Jonathan Hill

Wolfwatching - Ted Hughes

Churches and Cathedrals - Helen and Richard Leacroft

A Hundred Doors - Michael Longley

English Parish Churches - Edwin Smith, Olive Cook, Graham Hutton

Catholicism - Peter Stanford

A Practical View of Christianity - William Wilberforce

Sorry to anyone else in Ilkley wishing to study Christianity or church architecture, I think I grabbed the lot.
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  1. If you've time, a beer might be nice sometime.

    Also, where are teh photos from the NYD dip?