Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Landscape

I have been out walking today, a whole day to myself to do what I would with.  So I drove up to Malham and went hiking, up to the Cove, then up the steps and across the moors to the Tarn, up and down a couple of small hills and then a gentle ramble back to the Buck Inn for a pint of local ale.

It might seem odd to some people, but the landscape in this particular part of the Dales makes me feel happy, when I see those steep sided hills with their numerous rocky outcroppings it makes me smile, and it makes me want to get my boots on and get up on the flanks and scars and just walk around.

It's great up here, the countryside has a special flavour to it, steep rolling fields bounded by dry stone walls, fields you cannot grow any crop in and no tractor could pull a plough over, but the grass will do for kine and ewes, when you can see it for the nettles and thistles.  The moors and meadows here are awash with wildflowers, white, yellow and purple the dominant colours.  Other life is abundant as well, flocks of birds rise from concealment in the grasses, spooked by the young Peregrines flying overhead and rabbits are everywhere.

I am very happy today, I have walked a few miles, didn't twist my knee, saw a falcon trying to bring down a dove in flight, and generally revelled in the marvellous scenery. Yorkshire, I love living here.

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