Sunday, July 10, 2011

Even God Doesn't Want To Listen To Tory MP's

In my ongoing attempt to annoy/offend just about everybody everywhere I attended nephew Joseph's speech day at Ripon City Cathedral Choir School yesterday.  The choir and school band were awesome, headmaster Chris McDade's speech was informative and amusing and peppered with characters from Pixar films in order to keep the children listening.  The guest of honour was Ripon MP Julian Smith, whose speech was largely drowned out by a cloudburst that hammered down on the roof of the hall.

At the garden party afterwards I happened to remark, in my normal quiet and mouse-like tone ""Even God doesn't want to listen to Tory MP's" which sent my dear sister scurrying away in embarrassment. I was also the only bloke there not to be in jacket and tie, mind you, at least I had put a shirt on, to begin with I was wondering whether the Iron Maiden or Wildhearts t-shirt would be most appropriate.

If you ever get to go to a Cathedral Choir School event, not only do they have the best school choir ever, but they have the best caterers as well, the flapjack and the chocolate brownies were so wonderful that I was forced to eat 6.

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  1. Squirt3:59 pm

    Heehee,naughty Uncle Mikey! Thanks for coming though, it was a fantastic day xx