Saturday, May 14, 2011

Y 180 - And We're Off

bob dylanImage via WikipediaMy course materials for Y180 - Making Sense Of The Arts, the introductory course I have chosen to begin my degree, arrived yesterday, so I am all excited and a quiver this morning.

From reading the very short course notes that the OU posted online a couple of months ago I started pre-study right away, trying to make myself more aware of the various forms of art, poetry, literature and theory. So, has this been any use ?

Yes! Absolutely, and especially in the poetry section.  Two months ago I knew I liked a bit of poetry, but did not know very much about it, and now I recognise most of the poets we are going to study, on the list are Wilfred Owen, Bob Dylan, William Blake, Benjamin Zephaniah, Adrian Mitchel and Linton Kwesi Johnson amongst others.  It is the same story with the art section, I am already somewhat familiar with Damien Hirst, Anich Kapoor, Grayson Perry, Rachel Whiteread, Gilbert & George, Tracey Emin and a few others on the art list.

The course has 87 learning modules to be studied mostly by myself, then two assessments, Dulce et Decorum Est and a history piece on a news story Great Meeting at York for the Charter, a multi choice online mini exam, and a longer essay in which I can choose from contrasting poems by Grace Nichols and John Agard, public support and the community of Chartism, or, an interpretation of Chris Ofili's Afrodizzia.

It all looks to be hugely varied and interesting and a I don't see much point now in waiting for the official start date of June 28th to begin work.

First question then, Bob Dylan's The Times They Are A-Changin', Do you like this song (yes or no answers are allowed), write a few lines on the two or three aspects of the song that influenced your answer.  Wonderful, this sounds like the best degree course ever!

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