Friday, May 27, 2011

War, Terribly Great, Great as Terror

Rubbish? Michaelangelo Pistoletto's newspaper ...Image by ianduffy via Flickr“Born in 1933, I live in the heart of this century, in this gigantic century...and at ten years of age I find myself in the middle of the ‘World War’, that last ‘Great War', terribly great, great as terror. The mountains are mountains of death, the factories are factories of death, the chimneys smoke bodies, the chimneys smoke cannons. Oceanic rows of boys dressed in black on their way, rows of the wretched in tatters, the hungry and the dying coming back.

My problem is therefore great.

What is God : Great problem.

What is Art : An equally great problem.

My problem is so great that I look at myself in the mirror and search within myself, in my image, for the answer, the solution, in my own image. And I work on the mirror.” – Michaelangelo Pistoletto, catalogue of Italian Art in the Twentieth Century, 1962

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Picture - Newspaper Sphere by Pistoletto.

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