Friday, May 06, 2011

My Captain, My Captain, My Captain

LONDON - MAY 05:  Alastair Cook, Andy Flower, ...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeThat is the strange news that as from today england has not one, not two, but three cricket captains, one for each format of the game.  Andrews Strauss will now remain as captain of the test side, Alastair Cook will lead the ODI team, and young hothead Stuart Broad captains the 20-20 side.

Well, I am sure it all makes perfect sense to someone at the ECB, just not to me.  I can almost see the diea behind having different test and short form captains, but splitting the ODI and T20 jobs just seems that england have been forced to accomodate Broad's enormous ego.  Strauss and Cook are both calm, collected leaders of men, Broad has shown that he easily allows his temper to get the better of his judgement and will have to grow up if he is to extend his captaincy into other formats in the future.
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