Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Boccioni's Technical Manifesto

WLA moma Umberto Boccioni Dynamism of a Soccer...Image via Wikipedia“The gesture which we would reproduce on canvas shall no longer be a fixed moment in universal dynamism. It shall simply be the dynamic sensation itself (made eternal).

Indeed, all things move, all things run, all things are rapidly changing.

A profile is never motionless before our eyes, but it constantly appears and disappears. On account of the persistency of an image upon the retina, moving objects constantly multiply themselves; their form changes like rapid vibrations in their mad career. Thus a running horse has not four legs, but twenty, and thei movements are triangular.” – Umberto Boccioni, in Chipp (Ed), Theories of Modern Art.

The painting is Boccioni's Dynamism of a Soccer Player.

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