Friday, May 27, 2011

The Hunt

Yesterday while I was stood gazing aimlessly out of the front windows, it being a far quieter day than we had been expecting, I saw a crow trying to kill a baby squirrel. The squirrel had come out of its tree and was running and jumping as fast as it could, the crow flew low behind banking and swerving to try and cut off the squirrel's escape route.

I was cheering for the crow, Adam couldn't see the fun as he hasn't sorted himself any glasses out yet, and Sadie just kept saying "Oh no" every time time I indicated that the squirrel's end was nigh. The entertainment was curtailed though when the squirrel made the safety of a tree trunk, the crow took a last look at its retreating prey and then began to poke around in the grass in a nonchalent fashion as if to indicate that worms were what he had been after all along.

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