Monday, May 02, 2011


THE POEM (Written during the lent term of 1905)

At Ashburne there is a Society
Which has rapidly gained notoriety,
It's name I can state with propriety, -

We meet after Punch on a Saturday
With tea and sweet cakes we're a party gay,
Instead of elicit chatting as Students may,

We talk of meetings Political
And all of us soon are so critical
Our speeches become analytical

The Signs of our age are Synthetical,
Do you call Walt Whitman poetical?
My theory is not hypothetical

We talk of the Status of human kind
Of Suffrage, and greatness of human mind
Equality, love, but we always find

If we began all our talks at the break of day
They'd continue till after the Sun's last ray
As we get into bed, the last word we say

ALISON UTTLEYImage by Leo Reynolds via Flickr

A.J.T. (Alice Jane Taylor) - Turner took the married name of Alison Uttley and wrote the children's stories Little Grey Rabbit and Sam Pig.

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