Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm (Still) Not Dead

Oh dear, these sort of posts seemto be becoming an annual occurence.  Chef / Brother-in-law Mk.3 has gone and broken himself playing rugby (hard men's League version not soft lad's Union) and has had an operation which has left the poor lad with pins in his thumb and a cast. 

With an impeccable case of bad timing, Rob has manged to do this just at the point when the summer season here at the golf club really gets going.  We really want Rob to come back us healthy and well, and he needs a job to come back to, the result of which is I'm doing 7 day weeks + twin shifts somewhat earlier in the season than I expected to and I have put a panic call out to all the staff to cover Rob's work while he recovers. 

Thankfully Easter has fallen late this year so Rob C has stepped in during his university holiday to help out, and Fairly Friendly Fred is proving a great help as well.  The rest of the crew (Laura, Hannah, Ellie & Rachel) are pitching in as exams allow, and next week we are welcoming a newcomer to the crew, Calum, although Fred swear's he really called Lindsey.

Brother Rob in not broken mode

And my degree ? Well I'm still managing to read some pre-course material and I am working through some of the modules on OU Openlearn.  I thought when I began the degree that it would be really hard going, but that the only thing that could absolutely derail me would be my sous chef leaving / falling under a bus / being arrested for endangered animal smuggling, and lo and behold he goes and breaks himself.

So, for at least the next month, if you need to know where I am, I'll be either asleep or in the kitchen working, or perhaps option C) Gone mad and running naked across the moors.

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