Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yorkshiresoul - Poet

I am working my way through the OU guide 'Approaching Poetry' (trochee ? what the hell is trochee ?) and the author says that one of the best ways to be able to appreciate and understand poetry is to write it, so that was yesterday's exercise.  I don't think I have written any poetry since my brief and infamous stint as the Heavy Metal Poet (I used to do some performance poetry as a support slot for a couple of local bands) some 20-odd years ago. 

This was my first effort for ages then, it's a poem called Writing Poetry...

'Writing poetry, at work,
amidst the bustle, the boiling pans, the shouted orders, the telephone rings,
isn't easy.

Even though this exercise,
this mind work, the goal is, eventually from this,
to free me.'

Hmm, I can hear a dull thumping noise, I think it's Tennyson spinning in his coffin.
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  1. Last year, when I was out of work and looking for a job, I decided to write a haiku every day until I found one. I ended up with a lot of short poems about not being able to find work.