Friday, March 04, 2011

Profiteering in wartime

British Soldiers patrol Helmand Province.
British soldiers in Helmand, Afghanistan
The Sun newspaper today carries a story in which it claims that private sourcing companies which procure goods for the MoD are vastly over inflating the prices that they charge, a price of £22.51for a 65p light bulb has been backed up by a sales invoice that the newspaper has got hold of, there are also claims that they have charged £102 for a crew that costs just £2.60

The company that The Sun has named for this profiteering scandal is Southampton based FEL Avionics, perhaps you might like to send them an e-mail.  On their website, FEL boast a "cost effective" service, well, cost effective for FEL perhaps.

In related news, some British soldiers have been without up to date body armour due to cost restraints, and contracts for new ships and aircraft have been cancelled due to spiralling costs, if all their components are roughly 1000x the true price, as has allegedly been charged by FEL Avionics, then it is no surprise that costs have escalated beyond the ability of the MoD to pay.  If the story carried by The Sun is true, then British companies are profiteering while British soldiers go without vital equipment.

"Dear Sirs,

I wish to express my absolute disgust for the business practises of your company as reported in The Sun today.

While the MoD has struggled to find enough money to buy decent body armour and vehicles for our soldiers, you seem to be profiteering whilst our troops go without decent equipment.

You boast on your website of a "cost effective" parts service, how does charging £22.51 for a 65p item count as cost effective ?


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