Friday, March 04, 2011

The Lord Of The Rings

I picked up LOTR to read yesterday, I Have not read Tolkein's classic for years, since the films came out in fact, but upon reading the first few chapters I am already immersed in the richness and wealth of detail that Tolkien created which was glossed over or ignored in the films.

Gollum is noted as a much darker creature, very early on there is a tale told by the Woodmen of Mirkwood, they Said of Gollum that "some new terror was abroad, a ghost that drank blood" and that Gollum "slipped through windows to find cradles."

Frodo as portrayed by Elijah Wood in the films was a bit of a drip, but on first meeting him in the novel we find a Hobbit who walks the forest paths at night to converse with Elves, Dwarfs and other strangers, not quite the wimpy character we saw on screen.

I love LOTR, reading it again after a gap of some years is like greeting an old friend.  The books are both an easy and comforting read, but Tolkien's imagination makes them always interesting and rewarding.

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