Sunday, March 27, 2011

IGS Media students BritVid

"To put this in context, the aim was not to be smooth or polished with perfect continuity... The Yr12 Media students were set the near-impossible task of recreating over 100 shots included in the Britney video, providing their own clothing, props and often unique dance stylings in just one day! This video is one outcome, though the experience of the day has also helped to highlight some of the challenges and issues thrown up by creating music videos (which is the centrepiece of their A2 coursework). Thanks to Nicki Blackborow for inspiring the idea; Dawn, John & Sarah for their help, and to Joel Colborne and Jonny Hughes for editing together the footage. To all those involved in successfully turning this round: well done!" - from the IGS Media Studies page on YouTube.

Good effort this, although I think some of the boys are really enjoying prancing around in blond wigs.


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