Saturday, March 12, 2011

250 Words on the following question...

Chartist RiotImage via Wikipedia Q - Will I be glad I have made the decision to study the arts, or will I regret it ?

A - "My biggest concern with taking this course is the time factor, my job is not mentally challenging, but I do work very long hours.  Secondary to this are some fears over whether I will be able to understand and comprehend the various topics in the arts.

On the plus side, and at this point my pros far outweigh my cons, I am an avid reader in a broad variety of genres, I love music of many kinds, I enjoy many types of art even I if do not understand the underlying intent of the artist.

My job is mentally unstimulating, but my interest in music, politics, literature and current affairs keeps me stimulated at work.  I do want to improve myself, to prove to myself ( as well as to everyone I have told of this project) that I can undertake such a challenging and marathon task and carry it through to completion.

I have once before tried a distance learning A level and did not complete it, this despite the fact that my essay grades were consistently very good.  As a more mature person I do not want this to be something that I just try then discard.  I am approaching my mid-40's, and a degree will open up new opportunities for me in the later part of my working life.

I have always enjoyed discovering new things, whether this is in new music, authors or genres, food or wine, places to visit or things to see.  I hope that this passion for discovery and understanding is what will carry me to happily and successfully completing this course."

And the reason for this student mission statement ? I got some Open University pre-learning workbooks from the i-tunes U store this morning, so I'm going to work through them before the course opens.  One of the exercises was to list and fears you might have about the course, some of the listed items I have been able to ignore, such as those concerned with fears about being able to write essays, some of my fears (time to do the course) are quite real. 

Overall though, I'm really looking forward to the start of the course, my desk is already heaped with books on poetry, Chartism, the Suffragettes, art and literary criticism and theory, but this is because I know my study time over summer  is going to be very limited so I want to get myself as prepared as is possible.
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