Thursday, February 17, 2011

An MP writes, and the public win

"Many thanks for your e-mail and I apologise for the delay in responding.

I met with the Environment Secretary, Caroline Spelman, to discuss the points you and so many other constituents raised and I have also written to the Prime Minister on this matter.

I was therefore pleased that, last Friday, the Environment Secretary announced she was stopping the programme of forestry sales, pending a review.

However, this is separate to the ongoing consultation on the future management of the other 85% of the public forest estate which the Government announced on 27 January.

This is due to run until 21 April and I would encourage you to respond to this and make your views known. You can do so by clicking on to the following link:

Please be assured that I will continue to raise these issues with ministers until we achieve a resolution which I hope will meet with your support.

Best wishes

Kris Hopkins"


  1. Exactly the same response I got.

  2. Paddy1:25 pm

    So you believe this is a good result? We continue paying for something we could have leased out, getting some money for and still have had access to?


  3. If there's money to be made from it, then why sell it. And anyone who believes that private companies would allow the same level of access to the woodlands as the FC is being naive. I simply do not believe any of the reassurances that were put forward.

  4. I can't see may reasons why a private company could benefit from ownership of woodlands, PR perhaps, and logging, but beyond that there really isn't much if any money to be made.

    The richness and variety of life in our ancient forests cannot be replaced if we lose it, these places are treasures that we should not surrender. There is no monetary profit in keeping the woodlands, but there is a value beyond counting in maintaining these magical green places for our future and our children's future.