Thursday, February 03, 2011

Money fans "Very happy"

This week, large numbers of people were said to be very happy that the sporting club they buy replica shirts from had spent a vast amount of money in order to have another name to put on more replica shirts.

A chart to make you think this article is made from science

"It's important to  provide jobs in this economic climate," said one man whose shirt professed allegiance to a foreign billionaire. "And it shows that we're solidly behind the European Union by giving a job to a Spaniard."

Many sports fans were happy with the amount of money their clubs were spending, and research shows that some fans will actually change their support to a club that spends more money, and sells more replica shirts.

"My happiness is directly linked to my club's spending ability," said a man in a red shirt yesterday. "And I am very pleased that my team spent all the money we had right away, I think we even spent some money we didn't have."

In the English spending league, two teams that sell red replica shirts are leading the way ahead of two teams that sell blue shirts, and a another team that sells red shirts was doing really poorly but are now selling more shirts again.

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