Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I am Desire, I want you to want things

Desire is one of the middle siblings of the Endless who appear in Neil Gaiman's Sandman.  Desire is neither male nor female, or it is both, it is whatever you most want or need, but always with en edge of cruelty and danger.

Desire lives for sensation, and cares not who it may harm.  Capricious and passionate, Desire cares little for oldest brother Destiny's book, or for Dream's seriousness.  Desire interferes with Dream's plans by raping a young girl, Unity Kincaid, and later tries to trick Dream into spilling family blood by murdering his granddaughter.  Desire may be flippant and blithe, but it avoids Dream after Dream threatens it with war if there is any further meddling in his affairs.

Desire's closest ally in the Endless is Despair, and sometimes Delirium, Desire is not foolish enough to cross her eldest sibling Death.

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