Monday, February 14, 2011

Hard Rock Hell

The QuireboysImage by thomasgeuens via Flickr
I have my fingers crossed for a decent line up at this December's Hard Rock Roll now that I have purchased tickets before any bands are announced.  The official website is now up and running with four bands confirmed so far...

The Quireboys
Dan Baird
Reckless Love

I love The Quireboys so that's a definite plus, Dan Baird is ex-Georgia Satellites so that might be alright, I cannot remember anything by Tyketto and I don't know Reckless Love (bit of google research - they're a Finnish hair metal band with a pretty boy singer).  Last year HRH had Airbourne and Helloween, I hope the organisers can get some big headliners this time around.

After Pontins collapsed and were bought out by Britannia, they are wild rumours circulating that the complex has been refurbished, does that mean farewell to the plastic mattress covers ?
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  1. Dan Baird was in a band called The Yayhoos, who released a fantastic album in 2001 called Fear Not the Obvious.