Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Free Music

Provinces of IndonesiaImage via WikipediaIndonesian Netlabel Union

There are five mix albums available on that link for free, they are licenced netlabel releases not illegal downloads.  Each of the albums has been released by a different Indonesian netlabel contain a variety of music and have been collected on the hosting service Free Music Archive to try and bring the music of Indonesia to a wider audience.

Are they any good though ? I'm halfway through listening to Yes No Wave : Music Beyond No Borders vol.3, it is a very eclectic mix of stuff, some fast techno punk from Chapcha Terror which sounds like Atari Teenage Riot, some interesting Indonesian folk music, and then some quite awful experimental math rock with one of the most tuneless singers I have ever heard, step forward Salman Aditya.

I'll do a more thorough review later, if I can stand listening to it all.
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