Monday, February 14, 2011

Album Review : Riot In The Internet - Indonesian Netlabel

More Indonesian free music....

Survive - World Nasty Anarchy : a minute long hardcore punk explosion.

Intro / Does It Fit ? - A Sistem Rijek !? : three minutes of shouty hardcore punk, ferocious.

Angin - Rully Shabara & Wukir : folk chanting and wailing over a synthesized drum beat.

Flashback Documentary of Indonesian Independance Hegemony - Raden Anom Prakoso : if the music were more up tempo folk and less dirge like, this singer songwriter would sound passably like The Decemberists.

Berlin - Papa Onta Cult : Goth, the sound quality isn't so great on this track, but this band have a very 80's shoegaze / post punk / Joy division thing going on, I like this one.

Shure 5 - Nervous Breakdown : this lot also appear on the Pop Is Dead free compilation, and this is another blast of frenetic and enjoyable hardcore punk.

Palu Kaedilan - Kelelawar Malam : This is good, the song kicks off in Fields of the Nephilim fashion before mutating into a Misfits / stoner rock crossover, and their guitarist can play a nice soaring solo.

Burn - Coffin Cadillac : Another decent sounding hardcore punk outfit, they have an EP's worth of free songs over on their profile.

Belajar - Belejar Membunuh : Experimental noise punk, the music is alright but the vocal volume keeps bouncing up and down, otherwise a bit like Hawkwind with more screaming.

Kontradiksi Tirani - A.L.I.C.E. : Screamo hardcore with choppy guitars, pretty decent.

Yes No Wave Music : grab all the Indonesian netlabel albums here.

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