Thursday, February 10, 2011

Album Review : Pop Is Dead - Mindblasting Netlabel

This is a free compilation album of contemporary Indonesian music, if you fancy the album you can grab it from the FMA link two posts down.  As with the other albums available from the Free Music Archive link, this is a pretty mixed bag of stuff.

Nieve Fur Tinkle Bee - Bersekutu Dengan Disco : Ambient electronic folky weirdness.

Labyrinth Boy - Chamberlain : Accessible, English lyrics, chart styled pop rock.

Again - The Classic Cluster : Retro rock and roll with a nicely bouncy bass line.

Sounds-Sleep - Etza Meisyara : Lo fi / shoegaze, not quite darkwave, not bad, and she has more free downloads you can get from her page

Regret - From This Accident : Post hardcore/screamo, not bad if you like that sort of genre.

Bahtela Jelang Keram - Karbala Bukan Fatamorgana : 7 minute modern prog epic that opens with gunfire, has some shouty spoken word/rap, and a touch of folk chanting, despite the fact I cannot understand a word of this angry sounding rant, I rather like this track. This me in mind of two bands I have heard recently, the French prog outfit Ghostone, and Manatarms from Chile.

Tonight We Dine In Hell - Nervous Breakdown : 80's hardcore punk in the style of GBH / The Exploited, I like this short burst of aggression.

I Never Met Another September : Rest In Pain - In as much as this post hardcore/screamo outfit sound like hundreds of other post-hardcore/screamo outfits, they're not bad, not very original but decently played.

Hexagon - Social Black Yelling : This is good, metalcore / thrash metal, great guitars, one of the best tracks on the album.

Rave #01 - Twelve Insomnia : Bippy boppy keyboards, drum and bass, a bit different from the rest of the album, but not bad.

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