Friday, February 11, 2011

Album Review : Music Beyond No Borders Vol. 3 (Yes No Wave Music)

Ok then, here we go for a second round of freebie Indonesian oddness...

Pissing Blood - Chapcha Terror : Frankly you'd be surprised with a song and band name like that if this wasn't a wall of noise, and it is, fuzzed up guitars, hammering drum machine and a sound not unlike Atari Teenage Riot, I like this.

Rat and Cat - Frau : Frau is pianist/singer Leilani Hermiasih, she sound a little madcap in the style of Nellie McKay, slightly breathy folk/pop.

In The Middle - Modern Day Sky : Experimental made in my bedroom claptrap.

Kejatuhan Rona Jiwa Yang Meronta-ronta Dalam Estetika Psikedelis (SL*T Cover) - Modern Day Sky : sets the record for having a song title longer than the song, otherwise, see previous comment about this act.

Warna - Rully Shabara & Wukir : Is this Indonesian folk music ? Nine minutes of drums and the odd bit of shouting and chanting, not bad.

Raindrops - Salman Aditya : Tuneless both in music and voice, just awful.

My Love - The Wispy Hummers : I think The Wispy Hummers are one person, guitarist/singer Joan Lumanauw, this track (despite the dismal recording volume) is quite nice, breathy folk with light guitar work, hints of Joanna Newsome here. 

1994 - 123SYF : Somebody shouting through a distorted megaphone over the sound of old refrigerators being pushed into a quarry, then the sound guy gets all over excited at the possibilities of loops and feedback.

Sekar Jupun Remix + Gadis Pujaan - TerbujurKaku : This guy is also known as Gagaltampan, I'll let his entry speak for him ..."this time he try to break some beat, chop - slice - cut - paste. Any music want to destroy? Just gave him, its INSTANT MADNESS!! YES! Spontanity Made him Immaturity!" Parts of this are ultra fast dance, other bits sound like Setsubun Bean Unit, it's odd but not entirely displeasing.

Yes No Wave Music - You can grab all 5 (if you're brave enough) of the Indonesian Netlabel albums on this link.

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