Monday, February 28, 2011

Album review - The Indifference Engine - Professor Elemental 9*

I accept that this sort of comedy record is going to be the sort of thing you either love or hate, and that often comedy records can have instant appeal but won't be the sort of thing you want to listen to time and time again.  Brighton based MC Paul Alborough's steam punk chap-hop creation though might just be something else.

Professor Elemental is an adventuring, scientifically minded, tea drinking man, he enjoys wild flights of fancy, sexy ladies in Battenburg cake dresses and employs an Orangutan manservant named Geoffrey.  As he narrates his adventures (and misadventures) in impeccably pronounced chap hop style you cannot help but be drawn into the splendid, hilarious and slightly baffling world that he creates.

The Victoriana hip-hop beats are superbly done, each story contains a wonderful little storyline and Elemental's rhyming style and word style is a real joy, "I'm a bright Brighton Pier, your rap's Piers Morgan."  The Indifference Engine is clever, charming, laugh out loud amusing sometimes and well worth spending your money on.

Professor Elemental

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