Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Zeitgeist Zero

Zeitgeist Zero, Teresa & Bex

At the Berlin Black / AMUS gig the other night I was talking to a very nice young lady (i.e. pale, lots of eye liner, wearing black) who was shocked that I had not heard of her band (or indeed many bands on the current goth scene).  Well the truth is that my musical taste has become so eclectic that I don't really fit into any scene.  Nevertheless, the lovely Bex Noire handed over her business card and I am duly checking out her band.

Zeitgeist Zero have one album, Dead To The World, up on Spotify, and both that album and their self titled debut are available from a variety of merchants as listed on their website.  So far, they're light goth / electronica with guitars, nicely written songs, I like them and have saved them on my EMusic.com page to buy when my subscription rolls over.

Zeitgeist Zero.

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  1. Anonymous9:29 am

    Hi Yorkshire Soul,
    Thank you for checking us out- I hope to see you at a gig soon :) please check out or website for upcoming attractions
    x Bex Noire