Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yorkshire Soul gets clean sweep at Golden Globes

The Social Network, The King's Speech, The Fighter, The Kids Are Alright, Black Swan, Barney's Version, Toy Story, Burlesque - didn't go to the cinema to see any of those.

Boardwalk Empire, The Big Bang Theory, Sons Of Anarchy, The Big C, You Don't Know Jack, Carlos, Temple Grandin - don't even know what these programs are.

Glee - I know what this is, it looks like complete bollocks, I've seen about two minutes of one episode.

Other TV also not seen - Eastenders, X Factor, Britain's Got Muppets Willing To Humiliate Themselves For The Benefit of Simon Cowell's Bank Account.

I did watch The Walking Dead last year which was pretty good, and I hope the second series gets a longer run than 6 episodes.  I also got into Supernatural which is also decent, and I like Criminal Minds, and the news, and the cricket, and that's it.  Otherwise, I read books.

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  1. I saw Tron on Monday. I actually enjoyed it (I didn't think I would).