Saturday, January 01, 2011

White Wells New Year's Day 2011

You get addicted to this daftness you know, this was my 10th New Year's Day plunge at White Wells, and apart from 2002 when I went up by myself, in every year after that I have been accompanied by a group of friends and family who are just about as mad as I am.

Will you please give a big hand to, and appearing in the pool for his first time, the very young, the very brave, the very daft....Joe Barraclough ! Well done mate.

It only appears as if I'm having a good time, I'm actually screaming in ice water induced panic.

Brother in law mk.1 Kevin is so happy at following his son into the pool that he punches me right on the chin.

We need to know father in law Brian's secret, why is he always so cool, calm and happy looking in the freezing water ?

Brother in law mk.3 Rob, no sign of the other two this year.

YS photobombs the kids picture, Natty, Kayleigh, YS, Stephen, Joshua.

Patrick doing his impression of the beast from 30,000 fathoms.


  1. Squirt6:01 pm

    2011 hasn't brought any sanity to you then?!

  2. Young Joe is officially my new hero for 2011. He makes the grown-ups look like a right bunch of sissies. Except for your father-in-law, of course, who looks like he's basking in a hot tub.

  3. I was going to come, but there was an orienteering event over at St Ives that started at 10:30, so took the kids there instead. :)