Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weak science aimed at R1 listeners

This image shows a red wine glass.
Not pizza
 The BBC R1 site has a drinks calculator gadget up at the the moment which contains some pretty weak science amidst its factual content.  The calculator works out your alcohol units, percentage of recommended weekly intake, calories, cost and then pops in a weird equation which claims that the calories are 'the food equivalent of' my case, two large glasses of wine equalling a slice of pizza, an onion bhaji and two jaffa cakes.

The pizza and jaffa cakes of course would be high in fats, probably saturated, would contain protein, a higher carbohydrate level than wine, and with the jaffa cakes, more sugar as well.  What the R1 researchers should have said is that "two large glasses of wine are the calorific equivalent of.....".

Newsbeat's booze calculator

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