Monday, January 31, 2011

Walking Yorkshire : Swinsty & Fewston

I have a new walking partner ! Same partner as I have in all nearly all other areas of my life, but as we're both on a bit of a fitness drive, Mrs YS has come out walking with me.  She has made me promise though that we do something nice and flat.

One of my favourite flat walks in the area, and let's face it, in the Dales flat is a rather limited commodity, is the curcuit of Swinsty and Fewston reservoirs in the Washburn Valley.  Around 6.5 miles, pretty much flat all the way around and Meg looking resplendant in her new jacket and Meindl hiking boots.

 It wasn't such a great day for taking pictures, overcast and rather cool with the temperature hoving just around freezing.  Everything seemed still today, as if the Winter chill had made everything too much effort, there was hardly any birdcall in the woods, the sheep on the hills were grazing in silence.  The only thing to make a noise was some poor soul sneezing in a fairly apocalyptic manner, the sound of which carried clear across the reservoir, much to our amusement.

After a couple of night of fairly hard frost both of the reservoirs had frozen, but strangely, while Fewston was frozen along the edges, Swinsty was frozen over in large islands, the gulls here are all perched on the tip of one of the islands.

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