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What I know about sunrise is this....
By Ian Britten at

The crack of dawn, the break of day, the ending of night. The old English word for sun was sunne which was Germanic in origin, it was also related to the German Sonne and the Dutch zon. The old English word for rise was risan and this had two meanings, either wake and get out of bed, and, make an attack.

“Life is a great sunrise. I do not see why death should not be an even greater one.” -Vladimir Nabokov

Sunrise Mountain is located east of Las Vegas in Nevada.

Green flash is an optical phenomenon that can occur at sunrise (and sunset), Andrew Young’s site will tell you everything you could wish to know about green flashes, more than you wanted to know probably.

“The German landlady gave us neat rooms and nice beds, and when I and my agent turned in, it was with the resolution to be up early and make the utmost of our first Alpine sunrise. – from A Tramp Abroad by Mark Twain.

Sunrise the movie had the unfortunate timing to be released only days before the first ‘talkie’, The Jazz Singer, was released in 1927, and so had its thunder stolen. The story of a farmer who falls in love with a city girl and then plots to murder his wife is thought to be one of the finest silent movies ever made. Sunrise has been the title of a number of other movies as well, from the 1968 Indian movie Arunodaya, the 1971 Georgian film Daisi and the 2005 Danish fantasy Solopgang, sunrises all in their home languages.

Francis Ford Coppola is filming a new movie called Twixt Now And Sunrise, it will be a Gothic romance starring Val Kilmer and Elle Fanning.

This year’s Sunrise Festival at Bruton, Somerset will feature The Beat, Sub Motion Orchestra and Seize The Day. I think I’m washing my hair that day.

“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.” – Bern Williams.

The Sunrise Party are the most recent group to emerge in Japanese politics, they were founded only a year ago but already look in danger of collapsing after founder member Kaoru Yosano quit the party to rejoin the government.

“With a face full of light and thought, full of a subtle, complex inner life, that was remote from Levin, she was gazing beyond him at the glow of the sunrise” from Anna Karinena by Leo Tolstoy.

A song title used by Norah Jones, Simply Red, Yeasayer, Uriah Heep and a host of others, as an album title by Elvis Presley, Fish Leong the Malaysian balladeer and others. It is also very popular as part of band’s name, as Sunrise Avenue, Dead By Sunrise, Aim for the Sunrise and the somewhat confused Midnight Sunrise demonstrate. And who could forget the Rolf Harris classic Sun Arise...

“Saturday night is your big night. Everybody used to fry up fish and have one hell of a time. Find me playing till sunrise for 50 cents and a sandwich. And be glad of it. And they really liked the low-down blues.” - Muddy Waters

Sunrise seems a good choice for naming bread makers as well, given the dual association of working as the sun comes up, and the rising of the dough. Sunrise Bakery in the West Midlands, Sunrise Bread in Titusville, Florida and the Sunrise Bread Cafe in Singapore.

Sunrise Shock are a girls U-19 footy team from Roseville, California, at the other end of your life you could head East to the aged community of Sunrise, Florida, there to spend your Autumn years with the other sunbirds.

Also in sports, there is a Sunrise Athletic Conference in Maine made up of several prestigious colleges there. You can get your mush on with the huskies at the Sunrise Festival dog team race at Inuvik in Canada’s Northwest Territories. If you fancy a round of golf you could choose one of the many courses named Sunrise, at Taoyuan in Taiwan, Hainan Island in China, Indianapolis Indiana and Sacramento California to name but a few.

The Gaisma site will calculate the sunrise time (as well as sunset, dawn, dusk and day length) for wherever you are in the world.

The ancient city of Teotihuacan is built on a grid orientated 15.5 degrees east of north, an alignment with celestial events such as sunset or sunrise on significant days in the ancient Teotihuacan calendar. Sunrise plays a vital part in many religions, the Christian church has a sunrise service as part of the celebration of Easter, sunrise at summer solstice is when the Druids gather at Stonehenge to welcome the sun only to find themselves surrounded by pissed up herberts. Stonehenge saw a crowd of nearly 37,000 in 2009.

“until the LORD gives them rest, as he has done for you, and until they too have taken possession of the land the LORD your God is giving them. After that, you may go back and occupy your own land, which Moses the servant of the LORD gave you east of the Jordan toward the sunrise.” - Joshua 1:15

“Lord of the heavens and the earth and that between them and Lord of the sunrises.” The Koran

The word for cock in some languages translates literally as ‘the bird who sings for morning.’

“Where is the fucking flag ? I want the goddamn fucking flag up every fucking morning at fucking sunrise” attr to Hilary Clinton.

To see the sunrise in your dream, represents new beginnings, renewal of life and energy, and fulfillment of your goals and purpose. You are about to embark on a new adventure in your personal life.

In Japanese anime, the term sunrise may be used to explain a sudden, life changing plot twist or other bizarre and inexplicable event, with Japanese anime being as it is, sunrise is probably quite a common word then.

In the world of literature, sunrise has been used as the title more often even than bands have named themselves after it, William Black, Rosie Thomas, Chassie West (whose novel is set in a town called Sunrise), Delia Parr and a host of writers have all taken the word as their novel’s title.

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