Thursday, January 06, 2011

Stats Time

Because I moved the blog back to Blogger, I didn't have a stats monitor installed until Blogger started its own last May, but I've just had a quick look around on it and, well, the results are not all that surprising.

I might like to imagine that I write the blog with a keen critical sense for books and music, and that people come flocking to my blog to hear my opinions on classic literature and obscure rock music, but no, they come in their thousands for pictures of scantily clad young women.

Hannah Minx - YS reader's favourite.

The number one traffic provider, with over 28,000 hits from two posts is the lovely Hannah Minx, huge eyes, huge boobs, and hugely popular with internet types it seems.  After Hannah comes a picture set of Jessica Ennis, which is also the most commented post on the blog and has descended into a rather nasty an vitriolic racist argument.

Then, third in the ratings, and showing that there is some small hope left for us, comes an opinion piece I wrote about Melvyn Bragg's 12 Books That Changed The World and my own inability to name many well known scientists.  This article has chalked up 9000+ hits.

With the science article disposed of we're back to the babes, Anna Popplewell, Susan Coffey and Jamie Eason in order of popularity.

After the girls is my review of Primo Levi's holocaust novel If This Is A Man with 990 hits, I hope I did justice to that novel and I hope you all found my review useful and relevant, it is a truly great and astonishing book.

Then, at the bottom of the 'most popular' pages, is this article... YS Wiki - Camel with over 500 views.  I'm quite proud of this one, the offbeat wiki styled article about all things associated with camels took a fair amount of research to pull together.  I enjoyed writing it and if the inspiration strikes I will do another one, in fact, if you want to suggest a word, I'll do the work.

The majority of my readers come from the UK and USA, then these fine nations also enjoy the blog, Germany, Canada, France, Denmark, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and at the bottom, Italy. 

Thanks for stopping by everyone, whatever your interests may be (half dressed young girls for most of you), I will be posting more of the same tripe for the foreseeable future.

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  1. Hannah Minx. I found the related videos and things from that post to be immensely annoying. She may have big eyes and big bazumbas, but she's irritating as hell.