Sunday, January 02, 2011

Similar Artists

I am just listening to some new (to me) music on Spotify.  I have got rid of the paid i-phone app as the reception here at IGC where I listen to most music is rubbish, otherwise Spotify is a pretty good idea. Anyway, I'm listening to the American light rock band The Pretty Reckless, Spotify has in the upper right corner a list of artists which it considers to be musically similar to the artist you are listening to, this list reads....

The Saturdays, Kids In Glass Houses, The Hoosiers, Boys Like Girls, and N-Dubz.

WTF ? N-Dubz ? I've seen N-Dubz 'performing' on TV, and not only are they nothing like any sort of rock band at all, their own brand of chavbeat r&b pop is absolutely bloody awful.  And they are fronted by a rather dim individual who calls himself Dappy.

On a rather more interesting note, have a look at TPR's singer, Taylor Momsen is a young, pale, slightly distressed, too much eyeliner wearing creature.  That ticks most of my boxes, I feel a hot rock chick picture thread coming on....


  1. She's also jail bait in this part of the world, and seems to be an arrogant, annoying, immature brat. I do like the music, though.

  2. She's 17, and very cute, I don't know much about her apart from her music. She has a bit of a young Avril Lavigne about her though.

  3. She's on the hit TV show, Gossip Girl, which gave her the exposure to get her music career going. Young girls behaving really badly probably irritates/horrifies me more than it should because of my mom of a daughter status. 16 is the age of consent here, too, but in many American states it's still 18. Just so you know. ;)

  4. she's got a nice pair of puppies too, it seems: