Thursday, January 06, 2011

Pray For Rain

Although you might think that Australia has had enough rain recently, Aus cricket fans will be praying right now for a deluge in Sydney to save their hapless team from a certain third defeat in this Ashes series.  England racked up their biggest ever test score in Australia of 644, Cook led the charge with 189 then Bell and Prior helped themselves to tons as the Australian bowling attack wilted.

Australia in reply made an indifferent 213-7, Phillip Cheat Hughes made an unlucky 13, that's karma that is you horrible little man, the new captain, or rather the holder of the poison chalice,  Michael Clarke, made the home side's best score of 41.  England though have a full day to take three wickets and inflict another innings defeat on Australia.

Paul Collingwood has decided to retire from test cricket, what a year Colly has had, from beginning the year with a wonderful victory for England in the World 20-20 to the terrible form that has afflicted him though the summer and winter test series.  Collingwood has been a good player for England, perhaps not one of the greats, but in his career there have been times of determination and grit when he stood between a bowling attack and a collapse and he weathered the storm, he has been a good servant of the English side.  It must have been hard to decide to quit, but better for his pride to leave before the decision was made for him.

Tonight then, get yourself settled in front of the telly, Australia are about to lose The Ashes 3-1.


  1. Don't you mean Ian Cheat Bell?

  2. What has Bell done ? Have I missed something ?

  3. I sort of half agree, but if the umpire gives you not out, then you are not out, that's the way cricket is.

  4. was Australian batsman who began the modern scourge of not walking and always forcing the umpire to give you out.

  5. I'm not having a go at walking or not walking, I'm having a go at Botham for calling Hughes a cheat for claiming a catch while at the same time not having a go at Bell for not accepting the umpire's decision (remember: he WAS given out) when he knew he had hit it. Both are dodgy, but only one, according to Botham, was cheating. Wonder what Botham thinks about Strauss claiming Hughes in slips in the 2009 Ashes; that one bounced, too.