Sunday, January 02, 2011

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In 1999, Yorkshireman Darren Gough became the first English bowler in a century to take a hat trick during the Ashes. Ian Healy, Stuart MacGill and Colin Miller fell to Gough in three consecutive balls. For Australia, Mark Waugh scored a century in their 1st innings, and despite Such and Headley demolishing the rest of the Australian batters in the 2nd innings, Michael Slater made 123 of Australia's 184 runs which carried the home side at Sydney to a 98 run victory and a 3-1 series win for Australia.

Hat tricks were relatively common early on in Ashes history, with 7 of the the 9 coming before 1904, and all but one Ashes hat tricks have been taken in Australia.

Ashes hat-tricks

P Siddle (Aus), Brisbane 2010-11
A Cook, M Prior, S Broad

D Gough (Eng), Sydney 1998-99
IA Healy, SCG MacGill, CR Miller

Shane Warne (Aus), Melbourne 1994-95
PAJ DeFreitas, D Gough, DE Malcolm

H Trumble (Aus), Melbourne 1903-04
BJT Bosanquet, PF Warner, AFA Lilley

H Trumble, Melbourne 1901-02
AO Jones, JR Gunn, SF Barnes

JT Hearne (Eng), Leeds 1899
C Hill, SE Gregory, MA Noble

J Briggs (Eng), Sydney 1891-92
WF Giffen, ST Callaway, JM Blackham

W Bates (Eng), Melbourne 1882-83
PS McDonnell, G Giffen, GJ Bonnor

FR Spofforth (Aus), Melbourne 1878-79
VPFA Royle, FA Mackinnon, T.Emmett

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