Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not all Muslims are terrorists


Really, there is no but.  Except, when I'm out and about on the internet, taunting stupid people like EDL members and other scumbags who inhabit the darker fringes of the net, this particularly stupid phrase keeps on cropping up.  'Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.'

Well, if you believe that then you have to bury your head in the sand, quite deeply, as there are numerous other nut jobs with a gun and an attitude who most certainly are not Muslim.

Joseph Kony, terrorist, and a Christian

Take the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda, the daily atrocities committed by Joseph Kony's army of military lunatics are largely ignored in the Western media because they happen to poor black people in Africa, were they happening to middle class white people in America or the UK then I guarantee that they would be public enemy No.1  The LRA employ tactics that would make hardened Al-Qaeda operatives cringe, survivors of the terrible LRA raids have said that captured children are gang raped and have been forced to bite their friends to death.  The LRA brutalise children in order to turn them into efficient, soul damaged soldiers.  Across the areas where the LRA operate, tens of thousands of children (the 'night commuters') makes long hikes every night to sleep in the relative safety of the larger towns, then repeating the hikes to spend the daytime with their families.  Kony's terror army has been quieter than normal in 2010, but his Christian army is still out there.

Other Christian terror groups include the Real IRA, who have committed murder and planted bombs in the last couple of years in Northern Ireland, alongside a host of other para-military terror groups in the province who still hold quantities of weapons and ammunition. In India, the National Liberation Front of Tripura is listed as one of the world's most active terror groups, and again, they're Christians.

A number of terror groups around the world have strong links to organised drugs production and trafficking, they include the notorious FARC in Columbia, PCP-SL in Peru, and the growing problem with drugs cartels in Mexico where terror style attacks are being used against anyone who may stand in the way of the drug barons, the police, army, politicians and their families, other drugs groups, and innocent people who are killed as a warning to others not to give information on the cartels to the authorities.

The USA has seen lone terrorists like the Unibomber, and more organised groups willing to use terror tactics in their opposition to abortion and animal research.  Animal rights protest groups in the UK have also been seen employ tactics which are very close to those employed by more traditional terror groups.

There are state sponsored terror groups such as the War Veterans loyal to Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, and the death squads that operated in Chechnya on orders from Russia. Spain still suffers acts of murder and bombings from the Basque separatists ETA and the Galician separatists Resistência Galega. In Sri Lanka the Tamil Tigers practised terror and ethnic cleansing as part of their campaign of separatism, and similar groups are operating in Sikh India, the Kurdish regions of Iraq and Turkey, Corsica and many other countries.

So, apart from the groups that I have mentioned, and the dozens more that exist around the world, then all terrorists are Muslims.  I am not blind to the threat posed by Muslim terror groups, to our way of life in the West it is the most real and present threat of terror that there is, it is an evil that must be opposed, but claims that only Muslims are terrorists are factually incorrect and must also be challenged.

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