Thursday, January 06, 2011

New Bridge At The 4th

The club are installing two new bridges this year to replace the foot bridges over the River Wharfe at the island.

The new bridge arrived in two sections which were bolted together on site, then this morning the new bridge at the 4th tee was moved onto its new footings.

This year has been a busy year for most of Ilkley's sports clubs.  Ilkley Cricket Club finished construction of their new clubhouse extension, the rugby club's new clubhouse and stand is currently rising where the old one used to be, Olicanians CC have been extending their clubhouse and here at Ilkley Golf Club we have had three large scale projects in two years.  The first saw major improvements made to our drains, the second was the rebuilding of the men's facilities last year with a nice new toilet and shower block, then this year we have the new bridges being installed.

It is good to see that in times of constant gloomy economic news in the national media that a number of Ilkley businesses are spending money to improve their facilities and are looking to the future. Here's hoping that we all have a happy and prosperous sporting summer.
You will have noted that at the moment I am running the 'official' Ilkley Golf Club Facebook page and Twitter feed (with permission), I'll just be posting news and pictures on the IGC sites until someone more professional takes them over, and as always, views expressed here on Yorkshire Soul are not the views of Ilkley Golf Club.

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