Monday, January 31, 2011

The name is Smith, and if you're hit, you're dead

Steve Smith is an Earthworm (the derogotary term used by space colonists to describe Earth born humans), in the first Geek War (and that's the bloodthirsty alien race and not games obsessed teenage boys) he led a squad of V.C. space soldiers (or Vacuum Cleaners) into a series of deadly missions, often winning through but at some cost to the unit.

At the start of the second G'egeekajee war, Smith is a janitor in a space station, he is haunted by the ghosts of the soldiers who dies alongside him, Ringer, Loon, Dwarf Star and Hen-Sho appear to him at times of great danger or when Smith is under the most stress.

Smith signs up again for the 2nd war, and leads a squad of new recruits, plus his old buddy Jupe, into space war and then down onto the hostile surface of Charon where they become engaged in a deadly game of hide and seek as they try to get vital information of a new Geek weapon back to Earth.

Steve Smith and The VC's first appeared in 2000AD in 1979, and Smith's style of character was one that would crop up repeatedly in 2000AD, the heroic but slightly damged or haunted alpha male, John 'Giant' Clay from Harlem Heroes, Johnny Alpha the Strontium Dog and even Judge Dredd himself would demonstrate these traits.

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