Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If this doesn't shame you into exercising...

Look North last night carried the story of John Hodgson from Armley in Leeds, who, at age of 100 years, still regularly attends his local gym and can row 2000 metres.  John is also the World Champion Indoor Rower, indeed, he is the only man left in his age group, he only took up competative rowing at the age of 89.

John Hodgson on Look North

John Hodgson in the Rowing Hall of Fame

I was only planning on a short run this morning, but with images of the centurion athlete fresh in my mind, I pushed myself to just shy of 11 miles.

Yorkshire Soul staggers, sweats and gasps to 10.6 miles

I don't know yet whether I'm actually going to be able to walk tomorrow, but meanwhile, John Hodgson, I take my hat off to you sir, you're a real Yorkshire hero and a great inspiration.
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