Friday, January 07, 2011

I am Bufkin, I hardly ever throw my own poop

Meet Bufkin, as with all of Bill Willingham's Fables characters, Bufkin is taken from another story and then remodelled in Willingham's own style.  In this case, Bufkin is one of the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz, but although he can be mischievous, he is never harmful or capricious.

Bufkin is a loyal Fable and works in the magical business office as the librarian, the a mundy eye a normal office room, to the fables a Tardis like series of linked caverns filled with books and magical treasures.

Bufkin first appeared in Fables as a slightly dim creature with ideas above his station, but as the series has gone on, and especially in Volume 14 : Witches he has become a more central character, loyal, honest, brave, and due to the amount of free time he has and the wealth of books available to him, well educated.  He put this new found education to good use against the newly awoken Baba Yaga, rallying his army of wooden heads and Barleycorn Girls to defeat the powerful witch, he even managed to trick a powerful genie back into its bottle.
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