Saturday, January 08, 2011

Book Review : Feed - Mira Grant 3*

The title is a sort of pun as this novel is both about a zombie uprising, and about blogging, so hunger and newsfeeds.  Feed is a 570 page novel, but it is actually quite a short book, or at least with a decent editor it should have been.

There isn't all that much plot, some years after zombies have partially taken over the world a group of bloggers are asked to cover the US Presidential election, but the primaries don't run quite to plan and people start getting eaten. The book is so long though because it has huge amounts of needless padding.

The novel fails on two points, the first is that all the characters spend loys of time in both pointless chit-chat, and then they tell the reader, both as speech towards other characters and as thoughts in their own heads, the back ground of the Kellis-Amberlee virus that resurrects the dead.  This happens over and over and over again and the  constant repetition is dull and annoying.  The other failing is that geeky as I am, and I do think I'm ahead of the geek curve in the population as a whole, the blogging parts of the novel were tedious and uninteresting.

Grant's vision of a post zombie rising America was pretty decent, with its zoning laws, animal concerns, constant blood testing and the new paranoid society.  In writing a book about the news coverage of presidential nominations I thought the actual politics would have been better fleshed out. Grant also failed to make the protagonists engaging enough, I never warmed to them, not even enough to care once the blood started spattering.

This is the first part of a zombie holocaust trilogy, I doubt I shall be reviewing the other two.

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