Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Book Review : Breathless - Dean Koontz 6*

Breathless is the 352nd Koontz has written featuring a single, dog owning man with unusual skills or powers, who meets a pretty, single woman with issues, together they discover something is not right with the world and have to go on the run.

Quite often in my book reviews I have complained about the length of a novel, pointing out that to make more readable it could have been severely pruned (Harry Potter pt.7), or even remained in the author's word processor and never published (Twilight).  Breathless however reads like the opening chapters of an epic length Stephen King novel, and when the revelation comes after just over 300 pages, it is a poor dues ex machina ending.

I enjoyed some of the characters and the sub plots within the novel, Tom Bigger seemed a little like the Trashcan Man in King's The Stand but on the whole this isn't a satisfying read, Koontz hasn't stretched himself with this novel.  Koontz churns out novels with such frequency that you might assume he writes in his sleep, and Breathless reads as if he has.


  1. Lord I haven't read a Koontz novel in 15 years because of the very synopsis in your first paragraph. Still not convinced I should try again.

  2. The only ones I have read by him were Odd Thomas and I enjoyed the first one.

  3. I quite like the Odd series, I've read two of them, he seems to be turning those into a saga, is he up to 5 now ?