Saturday, January 29, 2011

Album review : Worlds Collide - Unruly Child 8*

For Fans Of : FM, Europe, Journey, Rush

This is my first encounter with Unruly Child, although they have been around for ages and have released a few albums previously, this is their first studio album with the band's original line up for 15 years.

Worlds Collide is one of the most polished and well written melodic rock albums I have heard in ages, nearly every track here speaks volumes about the ability of the band and the high bar they set for themselves.

Opening track Show Me The Money and second track Insane are two of the best on the album, good riffs and Marcie Free's wonderful vocals making for a great start to their comeback.  Marcie Free really has a great voice, and the harmonies throughout the album are beautiful.

Love Is Blind is a song from another time, it sounds like it should have been included on every 'Greatest Rock Ballads' collection you've ever seen, Free's voice clear over the backing harmonies, then a flowing guitar solo.  The middle of the album is filled with gorgeous AOR, then the band pick up the pace a little, Free drops her voice into a slightly more gravelly sounding lower range for the chant of Life Death.

You can't get away from the fact that in the first incarnation of the band Marcie Michelle Free was Mark Edward Free, and she uses her struggle with gender dysphoria for the soaring and stunning closing track You Don't Understand, an elegant, in parts almost ethereal and plaintive, ballad to end the album.

In the 90's, I'm sure that this style of super commercial sounding melodic rock would have sold in vast quantities, today it is likely to appeal to a narrower fan base, but if you appreciate slick and refined rock with truly great vocals then Worlds Collide is an essential purchase.

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