Monday, January 24, 2011

Album review : Sons Of The North - Black Spiders 10*

For Fans Of : AC/DC, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Orange Goblin

I have been following Sheffield's Black Spiders since their support slot on The Wildhearts tour a couple of years ago, since then they have toured a lot and put out 3 EP's.  Sons Of The North is their full length debut album, it features new versions of Stay Down from the Cinco Hombres EP, Just Like A Woman from No Goats In The Omen and St. Peter from the EP of the same name, then seven entirely new tracks.

From start to finish this is a truly exceptional rock/metal album, it slams you off your your feet with the thunderous Stay Down, shakes you down your marrow throughout the album and leaves you excited and breathless when the last huge chord of What Good's A Rock Without A Roll ? dies away.  If you have not heard Black Spiders yet, their sound is like an upbeat Black Sabbath with a splash more exuberance and joy of life.

Do you like riffs ? Of course you do, and SOTN is jam packed with them, by the powers of all things heavy, this band can create a truly huge sound, just listen to Blood Of The Kings open up with that infectious riff, I defy you not to headbang to this, the song then slows down in to a more Sabbath-esque mode before launching into another huge riff driven chorus.  Shout-a-long choruses ? You got 'em, the call and response of 'Eat thunder, shit lightning' on the final track is awesome, if you have a voice left after bellowing along to Mans Ruin, Medusa's Eyes and St. Peter.

It might sound as if Black Spiders are pushing the whole serious metal thing too far, but they demonstrate a sense of humour on the admirably silly KISS Tried To Kill Me, daft lyrics but its hooky chorus will draw you in and you'll be blaming Gene for attempted murder in no time.

On first listen I wasn't sure whether the cleaned up versions of some of the old EP tracks were an improvement, but repeated listens are convincing me that Black Spiders have made all the right choices with the production of this album.  On the issue of the star rating, SOTN is really, really good, it might even be great, to give it a perfect 10* rating would elevate it to the ranks of the albums I never tire of listening to, Metallica's Master Of Puppets, Marillion's Misplaced Childhood and Murder Ballads by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.  Is Sons Of The North truly good enough to be reckoned alongside albums like those, go on, I'll stick my neck out, it might just be.

This is a barrage of riffs, an uproarious and exhilarating collection of songs which should be pride of place in any rock fans collection, heavy enough to satisfy, melodic enough to sing to, a truly exceptional debut album from a forward looking British rock band with a classic sound.


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    Fucking Boss, seen them twice. They Kick Ass