Monday, January 31, 2011

Album Review : Rewind React Remain - Browsing Collection 6*

For Fans Of : Avril Lavigne, Paramore, The Pretty Reckless

Browsing Collection are a Swedish all girl 4 piece, vegetarian straight edge rock band with huge hair, and they rip in to opening track Rejoinder with a riff that is almost old school Maiden in its intensity, if not quite in the delivery.  That fulsome guitar sound crops up again on Peer Pressure which also features a fine, if rather short, solo.

Singer Sara Hjellström sounds slightly under pressure throughout, she needs to relax and try to really sing, perhaps it is the production but her voice sounds slightly thin and doesn't quite blend with the band's otherwise rich sound.

No More is much more in the Avril Lavigne (that's the decent older Avril, not the current shite pop princess stuff) pop rock vein, lighter and punchy.  As The Point Of This Fades Out has a similar power pop feel, but suffers from a clumsy riff in the mid section.  With the riffs and harmonies tightened up, think Wildhearts or My Chemical Romance, these could have been really good songs.

Overall, Browsing Collection seem to be a band with some promise, but they could do with nailing their own style, whether it is to be melodic hard rock or bouncy power pop, but this blend of the two hasn't quite gelled on this EP.

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