Friday, January 07, 2011

Album Review : Plug In The Snakes - Meriwether 9*

For Fans Of : The Wildhearts, My Chemical Romance, New Device, Green Day

Plug In The Snakes album art.
At first I was in two minds about Plug In The Snakes, I hate the album artwork, I don't like the band's name, and I'm none too keen on some of their lyrics - I'm yet to hear a song mentioning vomiting that I'm overly keen on, and yet....

And yet, this is a really cracking hard rock/ pop punk album packed with the sort of songs that hook into your brain on a first listen and just get better and better with each repetition.  Meriwether's style takes good big riffs and rhythms and combines some gutsy and clear singing for a complete package which makes me wonder why, if they have been around since 2003, nobody has picked up on them and turned them into superstars.

PITS was released in March of 2010, it has 10 proper songs, then 3 remixes of If You Had Guts. Dance remixes of rock songs, they take out the guitars and drums (which we in the rock arena refer to as 'the music') and replace them with electronic beats and sampled vocals, just what is the fucking point ? It's because you have no talent, can't play an instrument, can't sing, can't write a song.  Hang on, I think I may be getting distracted, ignore the remixes and get yourselves into....

Body Like Hell opens the album with a most definite statement of intent, big pounding drums, choppy riffs and lyrics about having sex with girls, it's a solid rock and roll result.  Lyrically, girls and sex feature in many of Meriwether's songs, Little Miss Distraction wears its carnal interest proudly, If You Had Guts, I'd Hate 'Em, despite its Fall Out Boy emo title and (literally) sick lyrics opens with a Wildhearts PHUQ-era punch and sweeps you along with its call and response shouting and the sweeping bridge into the joyously unpleasant chorus.

The first three tracks on the album are more rocky, then the band seem to change a gear, but laterally rather than downshifting, and their sound becomes a little more studio polished and emo friendly on I'm No Good, Wake Up Lion, Come Home With Me and Abandon All Hope (Lucky Star).  You can hear a hint of Gerard Way and his Black Paraders in all of these songs, and its no bad thing, it is sparkling and catchy unit shifting modern rock.  Come Home With Me also mutates half way through the song into a drowsy, smoke filled bar sort of blues song with tingling guitars and sorrow filled vocals.

At the end of the album you get the arena rock balled Who Do You Think That You Are, easily capable of getting a thousand illuminated phone screens pointed at them now we don't have smoke filled arenas.  To round the album off there's another stomping pop rocker as the band rip through the album title, more riffs, more shout and sing a long parts, more fun.

Plus In The Snakes is a fantastic rock album, and here's the very news of all, right now you can download the whole album for free from Meriwether - Plug In The Snakes at Bandcamp. Go and get yourself a copy, you might not buy a better rock album this year, and this one's for free.

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