Saturday, January 15, 2011

Album Review : Black Water Rising - Black Water Rising 8*

For fans of : Black Label Society, Ozzy Osbourne, Bigelf, Nickleback

Gosh this is good, the album cover looks like it is going to hold some beefy metal, and it does exactly that.  Black Water Rising's debut album is proper hard rock/metal with a southern/stoner tinge, big riffs, real songs, singing not growling, it's a dream for the classic rock fan.

In the clutter of math rock, post emo, new prog and endless Mastodon clones that are all over the rock scene at the moment, it is really good to have new bands like BWR who understand the importance of writing a really good song.  The Brooklyn based outfit make ballsy rock with spot on song structures, singer Rob Traynor sounds more New Orleans than New York, but in a good way with some real venom underlying his slightly bluesy tones.

From Rise to Living Proof to Hate Machine, every song on here is a cracker, perhaps a little more variation in the style of the harmonies used on Sale On Your Soul would have been good, but on the other hand, BWR have forged a musical style that they are happy with and really good at.  It's a beast of an album, bold, brash and hard rocking, a solid and passionately performed debut.

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