Sunday, December 26, 2010

Things That Naughty Uncle Mikey Must Not Do In Chruch Next Christmas

*Wave madly at the choir stalls in an attempt to get his nephew to wave back.  Three small children stuck their hands in the air and none were related to me.

*Give a heavy metal concert style "Oh Yeah!!!!" and throw the horns after the choir finishes Agnus Dei.

*Break out into "Happy Birthday to you" when the Canon announces the birth of Jesus.

*Grab hold of the offertory cup and attempt to "Down in one" with the Communion Wine.

*Say "Don't you have any chocolate ones ?" when given the Communion Wafer.

But at least I didn't have my Marilyn Manson shirt on view this year.


  1. All of the above seem quite reasonable to me.....

  2. It's just expected by now, though, isn't it? ;) Hope the rest of the day was great, too!!