Saturday, December 18, 2010


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The freezers are already full of meat we didn't use because of the cancellations the snow caused when we were on holiday, the Met Office site said yesterday that Ilkley was due for a foggy Saturday and a bright and cold Sunday, but on opening up this morning there is around 4" of snow on the ground.  This bodes badly for the functions we have booked tonight and tomorrow.
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  1. And you thought you had missed all the 'fun'.

    It must be a bitch for you to handle the vagaries of British weather. If we knew it was going to snow properly every year, we wouldn't be so stymied when it does snow. But we've had a run of rubbish winters, but 2010 started snowy and cold and looks like it's going to end that way as well.
    Do you have enough freezer space left?

  2. Fingers crossed, but the groups booked for tonight and tomorrow are going to come, perhaps with slightly reduced numbers.