Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Hippos, or Hippi ?

Thery look slightly comical, but these chubby beasts are very dangerous, very territorial and with hair trigger tempers, they kill a lot of people, more than big cats or crocodiles do.  From our safe vantage point on the road above this dam though they seem like gentle, placid animals.  This was a group of about 8 hippo, wallowing in the water and grazing behind the dam.


  1. Squirt3:51 pm

    Oh dear... does the lack of blogging mean you haven't been reunited with your long lost luggage??

  2. The Lurker10:58 am

    yeah, where are you?! x

  3. R.I.P.7:02 pm

    Either the hippo's have adopted him, or he's sold what possessions he had, including the family, and he's bought passage to Oz to see the eX-cons not regain the ashes!