Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Country Of Epic Landscapes

South Africa is a land where the view is usually dominated by a mountain, they're everywhere, vast striding mountain ranges that sweep up from the plains in the manner of a child's drawing, no gently rolling fothills as I'm accustomed to at home, just broad plains and soaring slopes.

This picture was taken on the road over the Houw Hoek Pass, Meg wasn't so taken with the deep gorges and cliffs that the road crept around, but the views, as we were to see all over South Africa, were stunning.

I was hoping to a bit of hiking around Cape Town, perhaps to get up a couple of the smaller peaks that abound in the area, this plan though was foiled by the fynbos. Fynbos is the predominant plant type on the hills, made up of dozens of similar plant species, to look at it isn't so much different from our own heather, except that it can grow up to six feet tall and forms a dense and pretty much impenetrable barrier over much of the hills.
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